Weiner International Associates Consultants- Boards & Advisory Boards of Directors Technology: Commercial Viability Assessment Product Introduction/Marketing
           Weiner International AssociatesConsultants- Boards & Advisory Boards of DirectorsTechnology: Commercial Viability Assessment Product Introduction/Marketing 

The domain of electronics manufacturing and international supply chains is changing rapidly. The digital world is here to stay, from supply chains to the factory floor, from yields to cost minimization.

Resiliency, regionalization, analytics, digital twins, and AI are being adapted by even the smallest of companies.

Upskilling and retraining is required to prepare workers for the factory of the future - TODAY!

More adaptable strategies of partnering and engaging independent talent are needed to counter the skilled labor shortage.

How are YOU coping with today's rapid changes and uncertain future?

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We provide c-level advice to grow businesses. We offer guidance on new trends and technologies. We offer solutions to difficult problems. We accomplishes this by serving on boards and advisory boards of directors where we can bring our decades of experience and successes directly to bear on today's challenges.

We help business enterprises succeed! We helps them grow locally as well as globally during economically challenging as well as good times. We determine the commercial viability of products and services, then find the best route to the marketplace. We find suitable OEM manufacturing and marketing partners for targeted customer locations. We find the lowest cost quality sources for specialty chemical intermediates and toll blending. 

Our activities are geared to identify and seize new opportunities, expand market boundaries, globalize and localize business, lower manufacturing costs, expand spheres of influence, and improve individual and corporate performance. 

Weiner International Associates is comprised of a unique group of well-known successful accomplished business and technical executives that Weiner can bring to bear to solve problems and increase business in the electronic interconnect and packaging industries' complete supply chain. This includes the automotive electronics, printed electronics, 3D additively manufactured electronics, printed and flexible circuits, semiconductor packaging, as well as contract assembly industries.

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