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January-February 2019


The APEX EXPO event in San Diego was a great success. 


There were numerable major announcements and product introductions.


To me, of greatest significance was not just the announcement of CFX but the actuaL demonstration of its magic on the show floor as well as the growing support it was gaining in our industry.


Below is a link to my interview on the Executive Forum on Advancing Automotive Electronics.




The rapidly changing scene in China's PCB fabrication industry initiated by the government will rock the "home" industry and create new opportunities elsewhere. Many of the "smaller" participants will vanish.


Progress is reported in the China-U.S. trade negotiations as manufacturing continue to slow and the government takes counter mesdures. China seems to be counting on promises of big purchases of semiconductors and other U.S. goods to ease trade tensions and persuade President Trump to extend the tariff truce and later resolve the market-rattling dispute directly with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. source: Digitimes


The PRC is still predicting 6+ percent growth in 2019.


In Taiwan Chunghwa Precision Test Tech (CHPT) will kick off production in small volume for satellite communication PCBs at the end of 2019. Specializing in high-end IC testing solutions such as probe cards for wafer probing and load boards for final testing, CHPT has expanded its offerings to include high-frequency and high-speed PCBs for niche-market applications.

CHPT is already a major probe card supplier for smartphone application processors, with TSMC and Samsung being among its main clients.

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